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At The Dog House our philosophy is simple.  Each dog is unique and diverse. We focus on outdoor play packed full of exercise and human engagement. Our daycare motto is "A tired dog is a good dog!"and our goal is to motivate all dogs to build good behavior, good habits and gain confidence.

We believe that training involves active participation from both the dog and owner, and treat each as a student to be taught and molded rather than forced. 

We wholeheartedly believe in having fun and building dedicated human-canine relationships.  Our staff are highly committed to the safety and engagement of the dogs in our care and  we strive to provide a balanced approach to training each dog with the right mix of structure and play.

It is here at The Dog House that we hope we can educate both human and dog in basic obedience, manners, and behavioral issues to strengthen and improve their overall relationship and bond as well as provide an environment of play and exercise for our daily daycare and boarding participants!

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